You tore out WHAT on day one?…and other horrendous projects!

Yep, you heard right, TORE OUT! Day one! What did we tear out? Why the carpet of course. Yep, the entire house of carpet. I know what you’re thinking, that I’m crazy. Well, maybe just a little. I mean who in their right mind tears out brand new carpet, and why? Well, I’ll tell you why. We have dogs. One of those dogs was a one year old Dalmatian. The carpet started right inside the back door. You can see the carpet here. Can you imagine how that would look after a few weeks with new sod that was wet all the time? Right from the beginning, we planned on tearing out the carpet and selling it. We knew we were going to paint the sub-floor until we could afford to put in bamboo throughout the entire house. So, that’s exactly what we did. Check it out.

Torn up carpet

We sold the carpet from the three bedrooms to the landlord from our temporary housing and the rest we put on craigslist. BTW, carpet is HEAVY! Talk about a workout. Day one and we were already exhausted and sore, and this was not the worst of it. We also had to put up thirteen blinds and five ceiling fans.

ceiling fans

But still there was something worse. The most horrendous project of all…we had to put in a fence! We couldn’t officially move in until the fence was done because of the dogs. I wasn’t worried at all, we had put in a fence before. We rented the auger and had all of our supplies ready to go. The weather started out cold and overcast (June 1), which is a good thing, except for the mud.

muddy shoes


Well, where do I start. It should have taken us one day to dig the holes and set the posts, one day to do the stringers and start nailing boards, and another day to finish nailing boards. So, like 3 days and in between tear out the carpet and get the floor painted so we could move in with the dogs. It took us NINE, that’s right, NINE DAYS to almost finish the fence! Here’s why…

Jack hammering the holes

Can you see what my hubby is doing? He’s jack hammering the holes!!!!! On the very first hole we hit rock a few inches down with the auger. Solid rock. Hole #2, rock, hole #3, rock, and on and on and on. So we took the auger back and rented a jack hammer. Horrendous job. We went from super happy to super grumpy, and to top it all off, it got hot, really hot. My hubby started working without his shirt, and even with sun screen, he got fried. We finished the fence the day before we had to go back to work, and had to complete the gate that Monday. Here’s what it looks like.

Left side front

Left side

two sections to go

One section to go.

one section to go

One board to go. I had to force that smile out of him.

last board



The beautiful gate. It meant that this project was done.

Luckily for us, our good friend Lynn brought us lunch, we really didn’t do much eating over that nine days so we were super cranky. Thanks Lynn!


There were a few bright spots to that first nine days in the new house. Besides, the hideous fence job, installing five ceiling fans, hanging thirteen blinds, these came…cue my smiley face! 🙂

Frigidaire Professional series slide in range and microwave

Frigidaire Professional Series french door fridge

Frigidaire Professional Series dish washer

So this was a bright spot in an otherwise tiring and stressful week. But…we finished the fence, and hung the blinds and ceiling fans, painted the floors and moved in! So yay, now to relax a bit. Mmmmm, not so much. Stay tuned to our next project.

Until next time…


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