My Wish List – for the new house

By now, you all know we (my hubby and I) are building a house. We are so excited. This little rental we are staying in is wicked small and everything we own is in boxes in the two small spare bedrooms. I need to do a post and show you the rental house, but right now, I want to get my wish list down, then I’ll always have it. If you read this post, then you know we are just putting in the basic stuff in the house. I will then start projects to upgrade it like we really want it. I hated upgrading things like faucets etc and then paying for them over 30 years. Keep the mortgage low and upgrade over time – that’s been our motto. So, let’s get started shall we? This is in no particular order, just as I think about them.

I eventually want these cabinets from

Vintage White, The RTA Store
I want these floors from Lumber Liquadators.

Black Mamba, Lumber Liquadators








Is that dark bamboo not yummy? I love it. We put in bamboo in our last house, but really want the hand scraped this time around.

How cool is this little gadget?  It’s a learning thermostat.  It learns your habits and automatically adjusts for you.  It’s also programmable from your phone or tablet – even if you aren’t home.

The Nest, Lowe's








I love gadgets. Pretty soon we’ll all live in Jetson houses. How fun would that be? You can pick this little guy up at Lowe’s. I believe it’s around $249

I eventually want something like this tub.

Stand alone tub










I found some awesome tile to go around it that looks like bubbles.

Glass Tile Oasis, Soap Suds








I found it at Glass Tile Oasis. It’s called Soap Suds.   I would put this just around the tub, which would cover two walls, probably just the upper half. No sense putting it behind the tub.  It’s pretty pricey, so this or something like it will be waaaayyyyy down the road.

I hope to go back to a glass walled shower with some awesome tile. Something like our master in the old house.

master glass shower

Here is the dividing wall between the kitchen and great room in our new house.

stacked stone

Beautiful right? It doesn’t come with this stacked stone, so we’ll eventually do something like this. Maybe not this exact product, but something like it. It’s called AirStone and you can get it at Lowe’s. It’s a pretty cool product.

AirStone, Lowe's








Something else we really love are these blinds. You can get them at Home Depot or Home Decorators. In all our years of buying these white blinds, we have found this particular brand to be the best as far as function. They move up and down so smoothly. We have purchased blinds at other stores that have not functioned so smoothly. These are our go to blinds and as soon as we have windows, we will start to buy blinds one at a time so that when we move in, we will have them all. The nice thing about getting them at Home Depot, is that they will cut them to size for you.

White Blinds, Home Depot, Home Decorators

We are going to need new rugs – ours are pretty tired. But, if we can’t swing new rugs, the ones we have will work. We always get outdoor rugs because of the dogs. We can take them outside and hose them off if they get dirty. We usually do that about two times a year, to really get the dander out. They are really coming out with some pretty outdoor rugs now, don’t you think? We usually get ours at Home Decorators. Check out the rug in my craft room here. I LOVE this rug!! Maybe I’ll get that same one for the great room. What do you think?

Another thing we will be doing is installing central vac. In our old house we installed it once we moved in. We had to go down to the crawl space (yes, I went down there too!!!)  and locate the walls we wanted to put the receptacles in. This time we will be installing it right after framing, but before drywall. So much easier. The only drawback that I see is that it will probably be 20 degrees!! Not fun. Anyway, I will definitely do a post or maybe even a tutorial.

I think that’s it for the big stuff. We will be re-installing everything from my craft room into the new house. Can’t wait to have that back. It’s so hard to be creative with everything in boxes.

I’ll show you some of the stuff that is standard in our new house.

Bathroom fixtures

bathroom light

Breakfast room fixture
breakfast room light

Dining room fixture
dining room light

I love this door.

Craftsman style front door

Cabinets, linoleum, carpet, countertops
kitchen cabinets, linoleum, carpet, counter tops

Brick, siding, shingles
millstone brick, vinyl siding, roof shingles

Bath fixtures
bath faucets

That’s it for the standard items in the house. I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow of the completed block work. I can’t believe how fast these guys can work. We are supposed to have fairly nice weather next week, so they should be able to get the underground plumbing in. After that is framing!!! Woo Hoo. Well, that’s it for now.

Until next time…

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