Walls and Set Backs

One of my dreams has been to build a house.  We are finally getting to realize that dream. We finally have some walls up. This is not really the way I had planned to do it.  I had always planned to use UBultIt and be my own general contractor or use a custom home builder.  Honestly, I don’t know why we didn’t go those routes.  I’m kinda kicking myself a little.  It would have been hard being my own GC as I do have a day job, so I guess the timing wasn’t right for that option.  Anyway, we went with a commercial builder.  They are pretty close to custom.  You can even move walls or change the facade and pretty much put in any finish you want.  They really have a large selection of lighting, cabinets, flooring, etc.  We didn’t do a lot of expensive upgrades, because we plan to do them ourselves.  I’ll get to blog about them AND I’ll get to stay busy.  Plus, I won’t have to finance for 30 years something that will be outdated in 10. So, this is what happened last Friday the 31st of January.

Bay Window in Eat In Kitchen
This is the bay window in the eat-in kitchen.
Butler's Pantry
This is the butler’s pantry. I wish I had a butler!

Master Bedroom
This is the master bedroom. This wall faces the back yard.
Master Bath
This is the master bath. My tub will sit under that large window. I’ll be making a stained glass piece that will match the front door to go in there. Also, we’ll have a pocket door leading from the bedroom into the bathroom. I hate a door that has to swing into the tub or shower.
Laundry Room
This is the laundry room with a little window. Awesome right? They actually did a lot more and got most of the inside framed out and started on the kitchen sink island. I call it an island, but technically it’s not. It’s connected to the ceiling with columns and has a huge eyebrow arch. I love it. It separates the kitchen from the great room. I was so excited when we went over there after work. That all changed after a few minutes. I’d kind of had a weird feeling about the plumbing even before the walls went up, but since I didn’t have walls for reference I couldn’t be sure. Surely, they are the experts and know what they are doing. Once they got the walls up, it confirmed what I had thought. Here are some pics to tell the story.

incorrect kitchen plumbing
So as you can see, the sink wall is in one place and the plumbing is in another. It’s actually in the middle of the walkway between the sink wall and the pantry.
incorrect plumbing
This is the vent stack for the kitchen plumbing, which should be hidden between a wall. It’s currently sitting in the dining room.
fridge line; framing
This is the line for the ice maker and water for the fridge. It should be between that 2×4.
And lastly…
hot water heater line; framing
This is the hot water heater closet that is in the laundry room. All of those water lines should be in the middle of the 2×4. They supply water to the hot water heater and the washer.  If this were a basement house or a crawl space house, this would not be a big deal. They would go underneath, cut the pipe, drill a new hole and connect a new pipe. This is a slab house. Those pipes are embedded in 4″ of concrete. This is why I said I would never have another slab foundation house. They will have to cut the concrete with a concrete saw and bust up the slab, re-route the plumbing and then pour the concrete to patch it in. My bubble was totally busted. Instead of being excited, I went home totally depressed. We contacted our rep immediately and emailed those same pictures over. They said they would be there Monday morning to address the matter. But guess what happened? It started raining Sunday night, then it went below freezing, then it started snowing, then we had an ice storm a day later and then it snowed on top of that. So now there is 5″ of ice, snow, ice, snow sitting in the house and no work has been done in over a week. I had a pretty bad day today and contacted them via Facebook and Twitter and basically told them if something didn’t start happening I was going to cancel the contract. Not my finest moment and I regret some of the thing I said, but we are totally frustrated. I know my husband has lost sleep over it and so have I. So, that’s were we’re at. I hope I have better news for my next post. We are supposed to have above freezing days with sun all next week. Fingers crossed.

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