Snowballs and Holly Berries – Christmas Jewelry

I started making jewelry last year. I made some zipper pulls for a few friends for Christmas. I’d seen a picture of one in a catalog and of course, in true diy fashion, I thought, I can totally make that. I went to Michael’s, gathered up some supplies and got to work. I’ve learned a lot since those first zipper pulls. I’m not sure my stuff could stand the test of time back then. I’m using better quality products now and I continue to learn new techniques and perfect my skill. So this past summer I found these beads at Hobby Lobby that I thought looked like snowballs. They were shiny but had the texture of brand new snow. I knew they would make beautiful Christmas jewelry. I paired them with some red beads I had on hand, and this is how they turned out. Now, I have to apologize for the photos. The flash kept reflecting off the beads! I really need a better camera…Santa!

Jewelry, Holly Berries, Snow balls, Bracelet, earrings

I really love how they turned out, and I can’t wait to start wearing them.


Here are a few of the supplies I used.

elastic cord, beads

The first time I made a bracelet with the elastic cord I was very unsure of the knot I tied to secure it together. I put a little glue on it to keep it from coming apart. I’m still a little paranoid about the knot, but I’ve gotten better at it. Having the correct tools helps, and I try to get something new when the budget allows.

Here’s one of those zipper pulls I was telling you about. My sister is a photographer so I made this for her.

camera zipper pull

She really loved it. She’s got it hanging from her rear view mirror instead of using it as a zipper pull and that’s totally cool.

Well, I hope you liked my Christmas jewelry. Stay tuned for updates on the new house, or the spot where the new house will be, once they break ground. Until next time…


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6 thoughts on “Snowballs and Holly Berries – Christmas Jewelry

  1. These are very pretty. I’ve tried my hand at jewelry making a long time ago and though I don’t think I have what it takes to do it, I certainly have an appreciation for those that do. I really like the zipper pull too — is that secured at the top with knot too?

    • Hey Angela, Thanks for stopping by the blog! The zipper pulls are made with a head pin and the top is wrapped around these jewelry pliers called round tip pliers. I’ll post a pic on fb. You wrap it around one or two times then you wrap the excess around the shaft of the pin. The Christmas earrings are made with the flat head pin but the zipper pulls have a loop at the bottom to hang the charm. When I first started making these, I would bend the jump ring that holds the charm wrong and totally compromised it’s strength. Who knew there was a correct way to open a jump ring! Now the jump rings I get are kinda like a key ring, they are double and I had to get a special tool to open it so that I could fit it over the charm and twist it until it was secured. But at least it won’t pull apart. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are following along.

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