Progress – One Day Closer!

December 9, 2013. We have progress. My husband went by the lot on his way home from work and saw the best thing ever…progress. We are one day closer to having a hole in the ground.



I know, big deal right? Well, it IS a big deal! Next, we will have a dump truck load of rocks in that opening that will be our future driveway. Once the rocks are down a bulldozer will arrive and begin to dig. Did I mention that we are going to have a three car garage? The fun is getting ready to start. We are so excited. So, hopefully, tomorrow we’ll have rocks and maybe even a hole by Friday. Weather permitting of course. We’ve had some pretty crappy weather this past weekend.

Here is what the front looks like, in case you forgot.

Manhattan Expanded 3 car, my new house








Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Progress – One Day Closer!

  1. How excited you must be! And I love the rendition of your house. It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m excited about following you through all the steps involved in building a house!

    • Thanks Alli,
      We are beyond excited. Our little rental is very tight. I can’t wait until next Christmas so I can put up all my trees and decorate like a crazy woman! Thanks for stopping by and please come back for updates on the progress.

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