Pallet Flag and Labor Day

This weekend is the Labor Day weekend holiday. I can’t believe it’s September. Where does the time go? The older I get, the faster time flies.

What does Labor Day mean to you? Here is what Wikipedia says about Labor Day…Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September, that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. It was first nationally recognized in 1894 to placate unionists following the Pullman Strike. With the decline in union membership, the holiday is generally viewed as a time for barbeques and the end of summer vacations.
I still think of Labor Day as a patriotic holiday. Growing up we always did the barbeque thing, but as an adult, not so much. We usually just work on projects or hang with the dogs. I like to take time to think about those that serve(d) our great country, like my brother who served in Vietnam and my sister, who was in the first class of women recruits in the Marine Corp in 1969. They, and so many more, are responsible for keeping Old Glory flying high.
I keep my Red/White/Blue decorations up from Memorial Day through Labor Day. I love decorating my tables and I’m just starting to collect red, white & blue decorations. I don’t have much yet, but I’m working on it. I had planned on doing this pallet flag for Memorial Day and then July 4th. Well, life got busy and even though I had the pallets, I just couldn’t find the time to work on it. So last weekend I finally got it done. It took about an hour to cut and assemble the 13 pallet boards. Jeez, why did it take me so long?
pallet, flag
I love this thing. I have a picture behind it that is way too small for the space. I’ve always wanted something on this fireplace that took up all or almost all the space available. I can’t afford art that big, so I had to make it myself! This was actually a pretty simple project. I had to rip the pallet boards on the table saw. My least favorite tool, the table saw. Mr. DIY helped rip the boards down. Obviously, I don’t have pictures of the ripping of the boards since we were both using the saw. The dimension of the flag is 52 x 35. It’s big. Once we got the 13 boards cut, I attached three boards on the back and screwed them down to every board. That’s a lot of screws. I used my cool new(birthday present) tool, the Worx SD Semi Automatic Driver.
Worx SD Semi Automatic Driver
Check it out online, it has some cool features, like the hole starter drill bit. It’s a fun little tool, plus it’s orange…nuf said!

The wood had this awesome silver patina. see?
I didn’t want to sand it all off. I lightly sanded some of the rough stuff off and all the dirt, but kept most of the patina.
pallet, sanding, dalmatian
This is my helper, Boone. You can read about him here.

I used regular craft paint, but watered it down a lot. I wanted to be able to see the grain and knots under the paint.
pallet, craft paint
The American flag has 13 stripes, representing the original 13 colonies. The top stripe is red and the bottom stripe is red alternating with white. So I figured out where my field of blue would go and started painting with the red.

pallet, craft paint
Then white.
pallet, craft paint
Ready for the blue
pallet, craft paint
pallet, craft paint
Now it was time for the stars. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do them, maybe make my own template. Then, while walking around Hobby Lobby, I found a stencil. It worked great. Now, this was the trickiest part. Seriously? When I looked at my flag, I thought there was a row of stars for every stripe. Turns out, not no much. The rows of stars overlap a little making 9 rows of stars. Try #1 epic fail. Try #2 also an epic fail. After sanding and repainting the blue two times, third time was the charm. Are they perfect? No they aren’t, but that’s ok. I still love it.
pallet, craft paint, stencil
So here it is, in all it’s Old Glory.

pallet, craft paint

I used my sander after I finished painting to rough it up a little around the edges. I actually plan on doing a few more things to it, but maybe that will be a post for next Memorial Day! So, that’s it for the pallet flag project. I hope you like it.

I’m going to add a few pics of my tables ,since this will all come down shortly, and a little project I did using cork. Let me know what you think.

kitchen table, red, white, blue
This is my kitchen table,which I re-did way before I had a blog. The centerpiece is three different cake plates or candy dishes that I got at Hobby Lobby after July 4th. On sale, very cheap!!! The place mats are from Kmart. The plates are paper. Yep! You heard me right, Paper. I couldn’t find any dishes, so I just used paper plates. Shhhhh, listen, there is a collective gasp happening in blog land right now!
dining room table, patriotic theme
This is my dining room table. I used the same place mats from Kmart. I filled the big glass bowl with stars that were originally all strung together. I cut them off the string and put them in the bowl. This time I put the paper plates on top of my square stoneware plates. I used my silver napkin rings and a blue bandanna for napkins. I couldn’t find any napkins that I liked, and I think these work perfectly. See the stars under the bowl? That’s part of the cork project I did. I couldn’t find a table runner (sensing a theme here?). I made a template from Word and cut out my cork.
cork, stars
Once I got them all cut out, I painted each star differently.
cork, craft paint, painters tape
cork, craft paint
cork, craft paint, diy stencil
cork, craft paint
cork, craft paint
cork, craft paint
cork, craft paint, bandanna, patriotic place mat
cork, patriotic theme table, craft paint
So that’s basically it. I think I will do a project for next year, where I mount those stars in a board. It’ll be a perfect project for the router I have on my Christmas wish list!! I’m sorry for the picture heavy post. I’ll be working on Halloween soon. This is my favorite holiday and orange is my favorite color, so I’ll be posting pics of some projects I did before I had my blog. One in particular is my favorite. Can’t wait to show you. I’ve also got a cool new project coming up that I hinted about here. Looking forward to getting that done and posted.
So, until next time…

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way by Worx, Frog Tape, Blue Painter’s Tape,  the makers of cork or Dalmatian lovers around the world, I just love them all!

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6 thoughts on “Pallet Flag and Labor Day

    • Hi Heidi,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ve been all over your blog. I love it. I’m so new that I’m still trying to figure it all out. The flag was a fun project and one that I had been trying to get done and I love it. I hope you follow along, because my next project is my favorite – I think. Should be up in a day or two.

  1. You know, i honestly had not thought about the fact that a pallett flg coyld be used multiple times a year. I’m actually wanting to make one now 🙂 Your stars are ultra fun, i love the glitter!

    • Hi Corrina,

      Yep, I usually keep the red/white/blue up through the summer. Maybe it comes from being in a military family. You should definitely make one. Seriously, if you tried to buy that pallet flag say at a little shop, you probably couldn’t afford it! I know I couldn’t. I love that it’s sturdy and will be around for a long time. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. Please follow along, I’ve got a great new project that I’m getting ready to unveil! It’s my most favorite yet.

    • Brenna,
      You should totally do this! This was a fun project. I made mine to fit the space above my fireplace, but you could do any size. Mine is huge and is now sitting in my foyer. I love our flag, so I will probably display it all year. I really loved this project.

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