House is SOLD! – Next adventure please

Well, we finally sold our house.  It’s bittersweet really.  We’ve had it on and off the market a few times over the past three years.  I loved this house.  (See house tour here).  We loved the house, but not the location.  Also, we were getting bored.  The house was done and we were running out of things to do.  So…I mentioned in my Halloween post that we were going to build! We are pretty excited, for several reasons. 1. the lot is FLAT and very private.

building lot

From the road looking to the back of the lot.

building lot

From the back of the lot looking toward the street

See how little my orange car is? Come on, you knew I’d have an orange car didn’t you?

2. We decided to pick all the basic options and re-do them over time, and blog about them! YAY! I’ll have consistent material for some time. For instance, we are picking basic carpet and linoleum that will eventually be replaced with hand scraped bamboo. Basic cabinets that I will either paint, replace doors on, or replace completely. I just can’t see financing all this stuff for 30 years. We’ll keep the price of the house down, sell what we take out and pay cash for stuff we buy to replace it with. Our front door will be a basic solid black door. Eventually we’ll do a glass door, kinda like this.

Craftsman front door








Here are a few of the options we chose.

carpet, lineolum, cabinets, countertops

The cabinets are called Twilight, the countertops are butter cream granite, which is really formica. Then the basic carpet and lineolum. These are all basic and do not change the price of the house. Here are some outside choices.

Brick, siding, shingles

The brick is called Kenton. We may end up changing this. We want a brownish brick. It’s so hard to pick from a small selection. I wish I could see a computer spec of the house with this brick. Anyway, the siding is called sand (it looks lighter in the pic) and the garage door is the same color. Front door and shutters will be black. We opted out on the shutters, because we plan to build board and batten shutters. Kinda like these from Cozy.Cottage.Cute So once the windows are in we will take measurements and get started on those. I’m excited to get started and for you to follow along. I would love to hear what you think of our choices. If you want to follow along, put your email up there in the box, right hand corner, so you don’t miss a post. I’m hoping to be breaking ground in the next two weeks. Until next time…


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    • Thanks Evie! I love everything to do with houses. I should have been a Realtor. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back. We will be breaking ground soon on our new house. I should have a lot to blog about after that. So excited.

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