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So, we just sold our house.  It’s bittersweet really.  We LOVE  this house.  So why move?  We made a decision to get out of debt.  Selling this house will enable us to get almost entirely out of debt (except for a mortgage).  We plan on buying a fixer upper with a much smaller mortgage payment, save up a bunch of money and build our dream house.  Our current house is done, so I love the idea of buying something that I can improve, and blog about of course.  The one thing I’m really sad about is that we will be moving in October.  Hello…Halloween is my favorite holiday!  I have so many awesome decorations and I’m sad that I won’t be able to decorate this year.  Instead, everything I own will be in boxes.  🙁  I’ve been waiting all year.  Orange is my favorite color so it’s the one time of the year that I can go nuts.  And really, who doesn’t like bats, witches and spiders all over the house?!  Anyway, these pics are from our forsalebyowner website.  They aren’t great, but I wanted to give you a baseline of what we are leaving to what we are going to. Welcome to the home tour.   I would love to hear what you think.

Front of house

Obviously this is the front. Nothing special really. The first time I looked at it, I said, no way. I don’t like it. But then I walked in!
back of house
Now this was one of my favorite places. What a great place to go after work on those super hot days and stay protected from the sun. I loved sitting out here.
Obviously, this is the foyer. I love this foyer. I love foyers period. I don’t like a house without a foyer. This one is nice and wide and long. It looks different now. That very tiny table and mirror are now up by the front door and my new Habitat ReStore Buffet sits in that position. Notice the ceiling?
barrel Ceiling
This was a big one for me. I had never seen anything like that in a house before. I don’t know why the lights aren’t lit. There are rope lights up in the ceiling behind the crown. It looks amazing when lit. I’m really going to miss this ceiling.
Let’s turn in the other direction and look from the foyer to the great room.
foyer to living room
Wow, these are old pictures, because I know I have more decorations on that mantel. Oh well, this is about the house, not the decorations. I love this fireplace. It was the first fireplace I’ve ever had. I think it’s beautiful. I love the columns in this house. There are four all together.
living room dining room
This is from the living room looking toward the dining room. You can tell that the space is really open.  Yep really old picture, I have a different rug there now.
dining room
I guess you know what this room is. You can’t see the tray ceiling, but it’s there. Again, this table is not fully dressed. What was I thinking when I took these pictures? I love this room. I know, I know, you are sensing a theme here. I love all the rooms of this house. Why oh why are we selling?  Let’s go back to the foyer and look in on the kitchen.
eat in kitchen
My husband and I installed the backsplash.
Country Door Knockoff Sign
I’m sorry for the horrible pictures. It was a gray day when I did the kitchen and the yellow walls combined with the flash, made everything, well, yellow! It’s a great kitchen isn’t it? I LOVE this room. The eat-in part we call the cafe`. On the little Country Door buffet you can see the knockoff sign I made.
On to the laundry room.
laundry room
Hey, it’s a laundry room! Nothing spectacular here. It’s got great storage and a place to fold clothes. My husband and I installed the glass backsplash.
master bedroom
We love this room because it has 3 large windows that look out to the backyard. I also love the double trey ceiling.  Did you notice that the floors are different?  We bought the house unfinished.  We didn’t want carpet.  Yuk.  We had three dogs at the time so carpet and dogs do not go well together and really, I hate carpet.  We installed pre-finished bamboo in a beautiful dark espresso color in all the bedrooms and closets.  The rest of the house is red oak.
master glass shower
I am really going to miss this bathroom. I love this shower.
master jacuzzi tub
and this tub. I spend a lot of time in this tub between September and May. I will miss you beautiful tub.
seperate water closet
I love that it has it’s own “water closet”, for optimal privacy. We each have a separate vanity with granite tops and under mount sinks.
vanity with granite top
This one is mine. I got the bigger of the two! You can see my husbands’s in the reflection of the mirror.  My husband and I took down all the extra large plate glass mirrors and installed these really nice mirrors from Home Goods.  What a difference they made.
We also have two smaller bedrooms separated by a jack and jill bathroom. One of the bedrooms became my craftroom this past Winter. I love that room. 🙂 I will miss all my craft stuff for the next 6 months.
This is the one thing we did that was probably the greatest thing we did in this house.
BEAM Central Vac
We installed central vac. Wish I had the blog then I would have done a tutorial. I guess I’ll have to do that in the new house! Anyway, that’s the house tour. I don’t know where we are going to end up, but we’ve got 5 weeks to figure it out. Kinda scary. The new house will be smaller, not in as nice a neighborhood and not as nice – at least until we get done with it! Stay tuned.






Well, you just never know how things are going to turn out. After looking at several houses, we realized that our best option was to build. Where I live, we have very few “old” homes. The historical homes are huge and $700,000+. The next option was 50+ year old homes. After looking at what our payment would be with those (not to mention all the upgrading) compared to a new built house it made sense for us to build. This is the house we are building.
Manhattan Expanded 3 car, my new house

Notice that 3rd car garage? Guess what that’s going to be? If you guessed my workshop, you guessed right. I’m so excited about that. The floor in just that one garage will have orange epoxy coating. I love the Rust-oleum garage floor product. I believe that you can tint them different colors, although I don’t see that on their website, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it. I hope to be blogging about workshop storage solutions and work spaces, so stay tuned.

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    • Hey Brenna,
      Well, here we are almost 4 weeks out from closing and we are no closer to finding somewhere to live. We are on the fence about one house (the stinky house) or building a house. The stinky house isn’t that old, but for some reason there aren’t any old houses for sale in our town. So…we’ve been thinking about building. Not sure we can build what we want and stay under a certain dollar amount. There is just too much to think about. I think it’s starting to affect my sleep! I’ll keep you posted.

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