Country Door Knockoff Sign – Part 2

So…here is part 2 and hopefully the last part of the LONGEST diy project in the history of diy projects! You saw how I put the actual sign together using an old pallet. That was the easy part. That was the part I really enjoyed. I love using power tools, so that part was fun. Next, it was time to move onto the painting of the sign. THIS turned out the be the hardest part! WTH? How could painting turn out to be the hardest part. I was going to use the freezer paper transfer process. I’d seen it on many blogs. I found this great tutorial from Little Bit Funky. Her sign turned out AMAZING. I was excited to get started. First I decided to make my border around the sign.
I painted the outer, thicker border and after that dried, I taped off for the thinner, inner border.
Now it was time to to start on the freezer paper. I won’t go into detail on that, you can see the tutorial at Little Bit Funky. I will show you what I used.
So, my first dilemma came when I realized my printer doesn’t reverse images. Seriously? It’s a new printer, I can’t believe it doesn’t have this feature. Anyhow, that ticked me off. So off to the “paint” program on my laptop. I selected Kingthings Exeter as my main font and Freebooter Script for the word YOU. Have you ever used Paint? I’m not a big fan. It’s very tempermental, unless I just don’t know how to use it. Here is how the word YOU turned out once I burnished it onto the wood.
I LOVED IT! I loved how it looked old and worn. Woo hoo, I was excited. Since the words were so big, I had to print them one by one. Then this happened.
What’s wrong you say? It’s the spacing of the words. I hated it. I felt like the words needed to be bigger, so they would take up more room. I was bummed out. I wiped off as much as I could, then I sanded it back down, except the border and repainted. I couldn’t quite get the same look, but I moved on. Then I got the bright idea to use my Cricut to cut out a stencil. I only have like two cartridges and none of them were fonts. So I purchased a digital font off the Cricut Craftroom. I guess I need classes on how to use the Cricut, because I could not get those letters sized right or in proportion with each other. Scratch that idea. Then I got the best idea ever! Yeah right. I decided to print my words on card stock and make my own stencils with an Xacto knife! Doesn’t that sound fun? I got “If” and “want” done, then I threw in the towel! So…what to do. That’s when I decided to do this.
I know you’ve done this. I rubbed pencil lead all over the back of the words, taped them how I wanted them and traced over them.
And I got this…
This was almost as brilliant as the cut my own stencil idea! I painted the entire sign by hand. Are you kidding me? I actually did enjoy painting this sign, it was just very time consuming.
After I finished the first coat of all the words, I had to wipe the entire thing down with a magic erasure to get off all the pencil lead transfer. Those things are amazing aren’t they? Then I sanded down all the words with a sanding sponge, and did a 2nd coat! I finished off with this. Which sealed it off nicely.
Will I do this process again? Probably not. Will I try freezer paper transfer again? Yes I will. Because I have tons of it cut out and ready to go! What should have been a weekend, ok a long weekend project turned into two months!
This is my finished sign.

There's Mine
I hope you like it. Until next time…




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