It’s a Christmas Miracle! We have plumbing!!

Ok, so maybe it’s not a Christmas Miracle per se, but it’s pretty exciting for us. We have plumbing. That’s a big deal. If you’re new here, I’m talking about the house we are building. We drove by the lot the day before Christmas Eve and were stunned to see the plumber there putting in pipes. Stunned because not only was it the day before Christmas Eve, but that it was also like 30 degrees out. I felt bad for the guy. Here are some pics of his work.

Master Bath plumbing

That’s the master bath

Hall Bath Plumbing

This is the hall bath

Kitchen plumbing

I believe this is a vent stack and part of the kitchen plumbing.

The next step is pouring the slab. First they have to inspect the plumbing, which they only do on Tuesday’s. Today is Tuesday, Christmas Eve. Pretty sure they won’t do it today and guess what next Tuesday is? You guessed it, New Year’s Eve! So it will be a few weeks before they do anything further. Once the slab is poured it will go fast. They’ll have it under roof in no time. Then the exciting stuff happens. Bill and I will be installing central vac (I’ll do a tutorial), we’ll be measuring windows so that every payday, we’ll buy a blind and be ready when we move in.

So as I sit here with my honey and my sweet pups, the real Christmas Miracle to me is my family. I’m so looking forward to spending tonight and tomorrow with my son and daughter-in-law, my husband and my pups. So from my family to yours…

Merry Christmas

Dozer, Boone & Santa

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “It’s a Christmas Miracle! We have plumbing!!

    • Thanks Alli!

      We are so excited watching the process. Of course we’ve been at a bit of stand-still as the it’s been too freaking cold to pour cement! Supposed to have a high of 30 today and warm up every day. Hopefully, they can pour tomorrow, then we can start framing. I can’t wait for that day. I’m tired of being in this rental with all our stuff packed up. I love that pic of the dogs too. I know Dozer will not be with us next Christmas so it was really important to get him with Santa. He has been a huge bright spot in my life. I hope you stop back and see the progress on the house.

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    • Oh my I’m so sorry about your daughters house. That is such a terrible thing to have happen, especially around the holidays. Give her my best, and I pray that they get it resolved soon so they can get back in it. I think our biggest issue is, besides the weather, that we are the only house going up in this subdivision. The builder has several going up across town, so I think they just forget us. Grrrr. Thanks for stopping by Kathleen, I hope to have some updates shortly!

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