The house, and how it’s coming along.

Hey everyone! I’ve been really absent lately and I’m real sorry about that. I’d like to say it’s because I was travelling or busy learning a new language, but unfortunately it’s neither of those things. It’s just the daily grind and I’m tired. We had a tremendous week here weather wise. One day it was 70! Are you kidding me? The weather was so good that you won’t believe how great the house is coming along. It’s amazing what a week of good weather can do. My last post was from February 9th and the walls were just going up. I also told you about a big set back. I’m only going to focus on the positive stuff this time. Huge strides were made I want to keep up that momentum.

On Monday, February 10th nothing happened at the site, but we got more snow! Oh joy. Thursday the 13th they pulled the trusses up onto the house. They did this by hand, how I don’t know. They did a little more framing inside, some headers and stuff like that. Friday the 14th, they set about half the trusses and covered some of that with OSB.




That’s a crazy amount of wood isn’t it? That’s not even all of it. It took them one day to frame the outside walls including the windows with headers and it took them a week to frame the roof.

On Monday the 17th, they continued to put up trusses even in the pouring rain. It was starting to warm up, so nothing was freezing.
The house & how it's coming
The house, and how it's coming along.

They continued framing on the 18th. I still can’t believe how many trusses there are. The one room I can’t wait to see finished is the craft room – they don’t seem to be in any hurry to finish it!
The house, and how it's coming along.
The house, and how it's coming along.
The house, and how it's coming along.
We had more rain overnight. The steel beam was delivered for over the 2-car garage. By Wednesday, the 19th it was 99% roofed, they still have to finish over, you guessed it, the craft room! It’s really starting to look like a house now.
The house, and how it's coming along.
The house, and how it's coming along.
They finally finished the roof (including over the craft room), on the 20th and were starting to put the tar paper on. If you look closely you can see the shingles sitting on top of the roof. We’re supposed to have high winds tonight, so I hope they don’t find the shingles 6 counties away! They also delivered the windows and outside doors and those will be in today as well. Oh my, I’m getting excited.
The house, and how it's coming along.
The house, and how it's coming along.
Looks great right? They got about 85% of the shingles up on Friday the 21st. Nothing happened on the weekend. We measured all the windows so we could start buying blinds. We also carried all the extra wood into the garage and cleaned up a ton of nails with our handy dandy magnet on a stick. I love coming over here, it’s the leaving I hate. I wish I could just stay now, even though I would freeze my ass off! I just love walking around the rooms and envisioning all our furniture in them.

Well, I think I’m going to stop here. There has been a lot done since the 21st. It’s moving so fast, I can’t keep up with it. I have more pictures to upload and edit from this past week. You will not believe all that is going on. I hope you come back and check it out.

Until next time…

Welcome to my craft room!

I finally got my craft room. It’s been a long road, but it’s finally here and it’s just what I imagined. It is my happy place for sure. My husband and I were in our local Habitat ReStore, just checking things out and we found these cabinets. They just happened to be exactly 103″ long, exactly what we needed. Then we found the matching base cabinet and also a matching sink base. We got all of them for $85.00. I was so excited, I ripped the tag off before anyone else could steal them away! Let me show you the before.
The before
This was my never used guest room. What better place to have my dream craft room? Now let me show you what my husband and I found at the ReStore.
cabinets at Habitat
damaged side
This was a damaged side of one of the base cabinets. We replaced that side, and the back to make it a much stronger cabinet.
We brought them home and I started taking them apart and stripping the paint. I had an idea of what I wanted to do to add a pop of color. I couldn’t wait to get to that part. First I had to strip, sand and prime.
stripping and sanding primed
Now comes the fun stuff!
Yummy orange. But that’s not all…
How awesome is that? I love the paisley design and this stencil is the Allover Paisley stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. They have amazing stencils and tutorials. Check them out. Now, more of the craft room.

orange knob I got these orange glass knobs at Hobby Lobby.
before countertop Once we started moving them into the room, I really got excited.
new top and legs The new countertop and legs. We splurged on the countertop, since everything else was so reasonable.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The legs after being painted.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here is a little drawer organization – orange of course. These were purchased at the Dollar Tree.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Finally done. Let me show you a few more shots of the room.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This piece became my printer station.
rug My awesome rug. I got it at Home Decorator’s.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I got this work table at the Home Depot. What I love about it is that the legs fold in for easy moving. It’s a great table. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to paint it or not. What do you think? Would you paint it?

Well, that’s it – my dream craft room. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Please comment and let me know what you think. Come back soon, I’m going to talk about my awesome craft room chair!!!