Awesome Master Closet – Phase II

Phase II of our master closet re-do kind of started before Phase I did. My hubby works at the big orange box. You know what I’m talking about right? No, we don’t get a discount. Anyway, he happened to see this $250 pantry cabinet in the back that was marked $50. It looked like it had fallen off a truck. Nothing a little glue, a few nails and some clamps couldn’t fix.

Awesome Master Closet - Phase II

This was it after repairing but before it was painted and before we’d even started Phase I. I needed the storage desperately, so I went ahead and started using it.

We put this piece over in this bump-out. Let me give you a visual of the closet and where the three phases are going.

Awesome Master Closet - Phase II

You can see on the right was Phase I and in the lower left is Phase II. Phase III will be the upper left side.

Awesome Master Closet - Phase II

Here you can see the $50 cabinet after getting painted. It was really hard to paint, very grainy. Even with sanding and priming and sanding, I couldn’t seem to get rid of the raised grain. I decided I could live with it, and went ahead and painted it. We added bead board to the side.

My hubby loves cowboy boots. He has a few. Not a disgusting amount, and he always tries to sell some before getting new ones. In our old closet he used to line them up on the ugly wire shelf. They deserved better than that. So next to the $50 cabinet we added cubbies. We measured his tallest boots and made all the cubbies about an inch taller.

Awesome Master Closet - Phase II

We hadn’t quite finished trimming out the cubbies here, but couldn’t resist a test fit.

Awesome Master Closet - Phase II

Awesome Master Closet - Phase II

So there you have it! Phase II is complete. This closet is getting more amazing by the day. I love it so much, I may just move in!!!

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    • Thank you so much Kristen, I really appreciate your sweet words. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back and check out Phase III of the master closet re-do, I think it’s my favorite. I love your blog. Also, who did your blog design? I really like the clean look.

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