It’s a Christmas Miracle! We have plumbing!!

Ok, so maybe it’s not a Christmas Miracle per se, but it’s pretty exciting for us. We have plumbing. That’s a big deal. If you’re new here, I’m talking about the house we are building. We drove by the lot the day before Christmas Eve and were stunned to see the plumber there putting in pipes. Stunned because not only was it the day before Christmas Eve, but that it was also like 30 degrees out. I felt bad for the guy. Here are some pics of his work.

Master Bath plumbing

That’s the master bath

Hall Bath Plumbing

This is the hall bath

Kitchen plumbing

I believe this is a vent stack and part of the kitchen plumbing.

The next step is pouring the slab. First they have to inspect the plumbing, which they only do on Tuesday’s. Today is Tuesday, Christmas Eve. Pretty sure they won’t do it today and guess what next Tuesday is? You guessed it, New Year’s Eve! So it will be a few weeks before they do anything further. Once the slab is poured it will go fast. They’ll have it under roof in no time. Then the exciting stuff happens. Bill and I will be installing central vac (I’ll do a tutorial), we’ll be measuring windows so that every payday, we’ll buy a blind and be ready when we move in.

So as I sit here with my honey and my sweet pups, the real Christmas Miracle to me is my family. I’m so looking forward to spending tonight and tomorrow with my son and daughter-in-law, my husband and my pups. So from my family to yours…

Merry Christmas

Dozer, Boone & Santa

Until next time…

Laying the Foundation for the Future

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure”.

Gordon B. Hinckley

On Friday the Thirteenth, the foundation was laid for our new house. Every day we are one step closer to having our strong superstructure. We are one day closer to moving out of our little rental and beginning a new journey in this house.

foundation, 3 car garage

foundation, foyer

foundation, Eat-in-Kitchen

It’s hard to believe so much progress was made in one week. On Monday I didn’t think this would ever happen. Monday afternoon changed all that. What a difference a day makes! I’m not 100% sure what happens next; if this has to be inspected before the plumbing goes in or if we’ll see some pipes today. What I do know is that the next couple of weeks are going to be very exciting.

foundation, master

foundation, great room

If you are just joining us, make sure you go back and read these posts: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, and of course our wish list. I hope you’ll stick around and follow the progress as it goes from an empty lot to a beautiful house with lots of fun projects. Enter your email over on the side bar on the main page and you’ll get an email every time we have an update.

Until next time…

My Wish List – for the new house

By now, you all know we (my hubby and I) are building a house. We are so excited. This little rental we are staying in is wicked small and everything we own is in boxes in the two small spare bedrooms. I need to do a post and show you the rental house, but right now, I want to get my wish list down, then I’ll always have it. If you read this post, then you know we are just putting in the basic stuff in the house. I will then start projects to upgrade it like we really want it. I hated upgrading things like faucets etc and then paying for them over 30 years. Keep the mortgage low and upgrade over time – that’s been our motto. So, let’s get started shall we? This is in no particular order, just as I think about them.

I eventually want these cabinets from

Vintage White, The RTA Store
I want these floors from Lumber Liquadators.

Black Mamba, Lumber Liquadators








Is that dark bamboo not yummy? I love it. We put in bamboo in our last house, but really want the hand scraped this time around.

How cool is this little gadget?  It’s a learning thermostat.  It learns your habits and automatically adjusts for you.  It’s also programmable from your phone or tablet – even if you aren’t home.

The Nest, Lowe's








I love gadgets. Pretty soon we’ll all live in Jetson houses. How fun would that be? You can pick this little guy up at Lowe’s. I believe it’s around $249

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Blocks, Rocks and Dirt, Oh My!

There has been sooo much progress since Monday!  I am so excited to show you all the developments.  The bulldozer came on Tuesday the 10th and leveled off the site.



The porta john and dumpster arrived too! That is always a sure sign of progress.

Porta John and Dumpster

When my husband drove by the site on Wednesday the 11th, this is what he saw.

future craft room

I mean the footings – not the word “craft room”, I put that there! But how cool is that? That’s where my future craft room is going to be.

footings, breakfast room

Yep, that’s the future breakfast room. I love that it’s a bay and it’s all windows.

footings, master bedroom

This is where me and the hubs will be spending our nights, along with our sweet dogs.

Thursday rolls around and the hubs was going to run by the lot to see how the cement looked. Well, I did not expect this, but they had delivered blocks, crushed rock and sand. The guy delivering the blocks said they would be there at 8am on Friday to lay the block. I’m so happy with how things are going.

cement block

sand and crushed rock

block and rock

So, that’s it for now, although it is Friday the 13th and the Mega Millions is at $425 million. Ooooh what I could do with that! I can’t wait to see what was done today on the lot. I’ll share as soon as I can.

Until next time…

Progress – One Day Closer!

December 9, 2013. We have progress. My husband went by the lot on his way home from work and saw the best thing ever…progress. We are one day closer to having a hole in the ground.



I know, big deal right? Well, it IS a big deal! Next, we will have a dump truck load of rocks in that opening that will be our future driveway. Once the rocks are down a bulldozer will arrive and begin to dig. Did I mention that we are going to have a three car garage? The fun is getting ready to start. We are so excited. So, hopefully, tomorrow we’ll have rocks and maybe even a hole by Friday. Weather permitting of course. We’ve had some pretty crappy weather this past weekend.

Here is what the front looks like, in case you forgot.

Manhattan Expanded 3 car, my new house








Until next time…