Quick weekend – Leash hanger project

We have a new addition to our family. Meet Boone.
Dalmatian puppy














He’s 12 weeks old. Is he not the cutest thing ever? We’ve had him two weeks and I’m in love with him already. He joins Dozer, his reluctant older brother.













I’ve had a hook in my laundry room for the leash and harness for my dog Dozer. When Boone came I knew I was going to have to come up with something new. I have a bunch of pallet wood in my garage from all the construction going on in my neighborhood. (Hello, do not leave pallets unattended on my street!) I picked up some awesome hooks from Hobby Lobby and went about making a new place to store leashes and harnesses. Like I said, this was a quick weekend project, so it’s not a tutorial. It’s just something I threw together. My laundry room is a sea blue green color. When we first painted this room, I loved the paint color when it was in the can, not so much once it was on the walls. I’ve grown used to it by now and I’ve put up a beautiful glass backsplash that has all the colors in the room in it. So that was the inspiration for the color for my leash holder.
Laundry Room

I used some craft paint added some white, added some floetrol and painted the board. It was still TOO bright. I hated it. So I took some white craft paint and added water and just kinda white washed it with a rag until I liked it. I sanded a little, just to give it character. I finally got to use the freezer paper transfer method that is all over blog land. I had wanted to use it on my Country Door Knockoff sign, but just couldn’t make it work, so I thought I’d give it a try here. I wasn’t 100% successful and I did go over the letters with a sharpie, but I really like how it turned out.  See that little white hook on my ironing board?  That’s what I was using for Dozer’s leash before.

I printed out the font in reverse and used a spoon to burnish the names onto the board. I found the dog in my word clipart and did it the same way. It was still kinda light, so I went over everything with a sharpie. I still plan on sanding it a little and using a dark wax on it. At the time, I didn’t have the wax. So, that’s my quick little weekend project. Add some sawtooth picture hangers and you are good to go.

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I Won!! One Project Closer’s Before and After contest (week of July 18th)

I Won!!!!  Seriously?  I’m still in shock.  Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage picked me?  Me?  I still can’t get over it.  What a great contest.  It’s sponsored by One Project Closer and it benefits Habitat for Humanity!

Featured on The Humble Brag

The project I submitted was actually something I got at our local Habitat ReStore.

shannon fox hollow cottage

I’m so thrilled to have been chosen by Shannon.  She was the Have you seen her blog?  Oh my, she is one talented girl.  If you have not been over to Fox Hollow Cottage (but really, who hasn’t), please do.  She is amazing. I mean, have you seen her flip flop summer pool noodle wreath?  Check it out. It’s probably the coolest idea for a wreath I’ve ever seen. She’s pretty funny too!



So here are the before & after contest details:
















Contest link HERE.

I submitted my headboard turned chalkboard, which you can see here.

Habitat ReStore Chalkboard Paint

So head on over to One Project Closer and check out the weekly contest.


Habitat ReStore Headboard turned Chalkboard

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. This ReStore thing is getting to be a habit. I know, I know. My husband and I try to hit the ReStore every Saturday morning. Sometimes we can’t make it and I always wonder what treasure I missed. This particular Saturday, must have been hotel renovation day. There were hundreds of matching chairs, sofas, tables and headboards. I looked at that headboard and knew immediately what I wanted to do. This is another project where I am late to the party. DIY’ers and bloggers have been using chalkboard paint for years. Jessica at Mom4real.com has some really awesome projects using chalkboard paint. I usually wait until a trend has passed before I get on board. Kinda like chevrons. I haven’t made anything using the chevron. Now I think it’s kinda run it’s course. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll make something next year using the chevron. Anyway… this is my chalkboard.
Habitat ReStore Chalkboard Paint

Let me show you where this little beauty started.
Headboard chalkboard Habitat ReStore
Why such a crappy photo you ask? Well, let me tell you, this thing was heavy! I needed my husband to hold it up, and he wasn’t available.

Habitat ReStore Headboard chalkboard

Up close and sanded

Here is a little up close shot, so you can see some of the detail. I did a light sanding to get her ready for priming.

Kilz primer chalkboard

Priming with Kilz

I used Kilz white primer for the outside frame. I was going to paint it orange so I wanted to cover as much of the brown as I could. When it came to priming the parts that would be covered with chalkboard paint, I remembered I had tinted a quart of Kilz for a table that I painted black. So, I dug that out and painted those parts with grey primer.

Kilz primer chalkboard

Kilz tinted with black

This is how it turned out.

Kilz primer chalkboard Habitat ReStore Headboard

primed with Kilz

Here’s a close up.
The biggest issue I had with with this headboard was the unfinished bottom edge. This was most likely hidden behind the mattress. Here’s a look.
Headboard turned Chalkboard
What to do, what to do? Hubby and I hit the Lowe’s looking for some kind of edge piece that I could used to not only hide the unfinished edge, but provide a place to put my chalk. I think this fluted piece of molding is perfect.
Ok, this is also a crappy picture -it’s very hard to see, but imagine taking four finders and running them down a piece of wood to create four grooves. The back side is rounded. All I did with this is cut it to size, prime, paint and attach with with wood glue and nails. Presto! It’s perfect.
Now on to the fun stuff. I’m sure you all know that orange is my favorite color. Most of the stuff in my new craft room is white (popped corn) with orange usually in the interior. This time I decided to just go with the orange.
Orange Paint, Sherwin Williams
I used the same paint, Sherwin Williams Tango, that I got in the sample size and have used on many projects.
Mmmmm, I love this orange. I almost painted my kitchen this color! Ok, back to the project at hand. Now it was time to start the chalkboard paint. Again, my first time!! So excited. Anyway, I started to realize that the two smaller sections on both ends were really too small to write in, so I decided to put cork down! I had this from a leftover 4th of July project that I never posted :(.
Ha! Looks good right? I really liked the idea of having the cork on the ends. Yay. While the paint was drying etc., I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to look for some orange and white tacks for my new cork sections. Couldn’t have just any tacks. They needed to be pretty. I could not find a thing. That’s when I remembered that I have a jar with orange and white buttons. So I glued some to the heads of tacks and viola, pretty tacks!
button tacks
Pretty right? I really like them. Here’s the board with the first coat of paint.
Rustoleum Chalkboard paint
I really think that tinted primer helped. I only needed two coats of the Rustoleum Chalkboard paint. Now, the only reason I know about this next step is because I read a lot of great blogs. I didn’t even read the can of paint (who can anyway with that tiny print)! I just remembered seeing this done – condition your chalkboard. Huh you say? Check out this photo.
Now you know what conditioning is. You run your chalk sideways over the chalkboard and then you wipe it off. Simple. Now it’s ready to hang and write on. This is the backside of the headboard. It came with two of these metal hanging plates. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with the part that it hung on, on the wall.
If you look closely at this pic, down in the far left bottom corner you can see a rubber bumper. It came with one on all four sides. Bonus for my walls. Anyway, since this thing was so heavy, we used four hangers and four large heavy duty picture hangers on the wall. No pic, sorry, but you know what I’m talking about. I needed a cool way to store my chalk and to make sure it was on hand when I needed it. I didn’t want to put every piece on the tray. I have these orange buckets all over my craftroom table and I knew it would be perfect for this.
chalk bucket
Perfect. A little cup hook, and done!

chalk board  Habitat ReStore
headboard turned chalkboard
So there ya have it! My Habitat ReStore Headboard turned Chalkboard. Hope you enjoyed your time on the blog. Until next time…

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Before & After – Old School Mailbox into Scrapbook Paper Tower

I finally finished it!  I know I’ve teased you a couple of times.  First time here and second time here.  I am so excited to show you how this turned out.  Most of you know I love going to our local Habitat ReStore.  It’s usually an every Saturday morning trip.  There have probably only been one or two times I haven’t found something I wanted.  Lucky for my bank account, not so lucky for me.  When I saw this really long kinda ugly mailbox that was probably mounted on a wall in a school or in an office, I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first.

Mailbox edit
See what I mean? Kinda ugly. But, the price was great and I loved the little tarnished brass label holders.
tarnished brass label holder
So, now the wheels were turning. One didn’t have any of the brass tags so I knew I didn’t want that one. Once I measured the size of the boxes, I knew what I would turn it into. On the truck it went. Now came the fun part. Turning it into something.
Habitat ReStore Scrapbook paper tower
Habitat ReStore Scrapbook Paper Tower
Here they are side by side.  I had to modify the bottom shelf on the left side tower to match the one on the right.  I knew I wanted to add a base molding and I would need something to nail into, so one of the boards we cut off, was put back on using the Kreg Jig.  Nice and sturdy.  See that piece of molding the brass tags are attached to?  It was a funky shaped piece of molding.  I knew the cabinets would never go together with that there, so we had to run the saw down it to take that off.  This did some damage that I had to repair later in the process.   Next step was kind of tedious, but necessary.

Habitat ReStore Mailbox Brass Tag Removal
This didn’t take that long…no really.   Ok it did, and it was like 100 in the garage. These little beauties came back to haunt me later on in the project. You’ll see… So, now it was time to put them together. I used the same principal as when you screw kitchen cabinets together. Pre-drill and screw. With the damage that was done cutting that funny piece of molding off, I had to use wood filler to fill in the crack. No pic on that. Sorry.
Screw cabinets together
Once I got them screwed together and the space between them filled in with wood filler, I did a light sanding. I couldn’t get a sander in the actual paper slots, so I used some liquid sandpaper. This was not fun. At all. Next step was to prime and paint.
This is what I used to prime. I did the tops of all the boxes and then flipped it over and did the bottoms. I wish I had covered it a little more with primer before I started painting. I used the same Behr Popped Corn paint that I used on my craft room cabinets. Painting was not a fun project. I usually enjoy painting. I tried a roller, long handled brush and finally a flat painting pad on the inside of the mail slots. I got more paint on my hands I think, than on the paper tower. Jeez. What a pain. But it was really starting to take shape. I knew I wanted to use bead board, like I did on the craft room cabinets. I love bead board. I put on a piece of pretty trim molding on the front edge to butt the bead board up to. Kinda hard to see in this picture, but you’ll see when it’s finished.
trim molding
See that side? That’s why I needed the bead board. I wanted to put a base molding around the bottom to make it look more like a piece of furniture. We were having trouble evening up the bottom to make it sit level. I was afraid that if we kept cutting we would end up ruining the entire thing. So I used a board off an old pallet, extended it over the edge to create a new bottom. Worked like a charm.
pallet base board
I put felt pads on the bottom to protect the bamboo floors. I love how this turned out.
Here you can see the base, bead board and the trim molding. It’s really starting to look like something. I’m getting excited.
Next step, crown molding. Oh boy. Crown molding can bring down the best diy’ers. I’m definitely not doing a tutorial on crown molding, but I don’t understand why the lumber mills don’t make it easier for the consumer. It all starts with the spring angle, I don’t know why they don’t put that right on the crown. Anyway, I have an awesome little tool called the Cut-N-Crown. It has saved my life many times. We met the designer/founder of this awesome product at our local home show. I will never do crown without this product. Ever. Here’s how that turned out.
almost done
I am so loving this piece. Painted it all up nice.  Now it was time to move it in and start finishing it up. Remember those tarnished brass tags? Oh yeah. Now I had to put them back on.
tarnished Brass tags
They have the TINIEST nails ever! I had to use my needle nose pliers to hold the nail. I ran a level across both boxes drew a line, held up the tag and marked the holes. Using the pliers I used a nail to start a hole.
Tarnished Brass Name Tag
I did this 32 times, X 4 screws each = 128 teeny, tiny nails. I did the lower half sitting on the floor. I didn’t think I would ever get back up. I thought I was paralyzed. What was I thinking? Note to self, next time, put this up on saw horses and work standing up. Phew, I’m getting old. Anyway, here it is, in all it’s glory.
Habitat ReStore before and after
Love, Love, Love.
Habitat ReStore Paper Tower finished
I’ll use this for more than just paper. I can put scrapbook embellishments or my Cricut vinyl, things like that.
Here’s the before and after.
Habitat ReStore paper tower before and after
Well, there ya have it. I hope you love it as much as I do. This is my favorite project so far. Leave me a comment, let me know what you think. Until next time.


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