Country Door Knockoff Sign – Part 2

So…here is part 2 and hopefully the last part of the LONGEST diy project in the history of diy projects! You saw how I put the actual sign together using an old pallet. That was the easy part. That was the part I really enjoyed. I love using power tools, so that part was fun. Next, it was time to move onto the painting of the sign. THIS turned out the be the hardest part! WTH? How could painting turn out to be the hardest part. I was going to use the freezer paper transfer process. I’d seen it on many blogs. I found this great tutorial from Little Bit Funky. Her sign turned out AMAZING. I was excited to get started. First I decided to make my border around the sign.
I painted the outer, thicker border and after that dried, I taped off for the thinner, inner border.
Now it was time to to start on the freezer paper. I won’t go into detail on that, you can see the tutorial at Little Bit Funky. I will show you what I used.
So, my first dilemma came when I realized my printer doesn’t reverse images. Seriously? It’s a new printer, I can’t believe it doesn’t have this feature. Anyhow, that ticked me off. So off to the “paint” program on my laptop. I selected Kingthings Exeter as my main font and Freebooter Script for the word YOU. Have you ever used Paint? I’m not a big fan. It’s very tempermental, unless I just don’t know how to use it. Here is how the word YOU turned out once I burnished it onto the wood.
I LOVED IT! I loved how it looked old and worn. Woo hoo, I was excited. Since the words were so big, I had to print them one by one. Then this happened.
What’s wrong you say? It’s the spacing of the words. I hated it. I felt like the words needed to be bigger, so they would take up more room. I was bummed out. I wiped off as much as I could, then I sanded it back down, except the border and repainted. I couldn’t quite get the same look, but I moved on. Then I got the bright idea to use my Cricut to cut out a stencil. I only have like two cartridges and none of them were fonts. So I purchased a digital font off the Cricut Craftroom. I guess I need classes on how to use the Cricut, because I could not get those letters sized right or in proportion with each other. Scratch that idea. Then I got the best idea ever! Yeah right. I decided to print my words on card stock and make my own stencils with an Xacto knife! Doesn’t that sound fun? I got “If” and “want” done, then I threw in the towel! So…what to do. That’s when I decided to do this.
I know you’ve done this. I rubbed pencil lead all over the back of the words, taped them how I wanted them and traced over them.
And I got this…
This was almost as brilliant as the cut my own stencil idea! I painted the entire sign by hand. Are you kidding me? I actually did enjoy painting this sign, it was just very time consuming.
After I finished the first coat of all the words, I had to wipe the entire thing down with a magic erasure to get off all the pencil lead transfer. Those things are amazing aren’t they? Then I sanded down all the words with a sanding sponge, and did a 2nd coat! I finished off with this. Which sealed it off nicely.
Will I do this process again? Probably not. Will I try freezer paper transfer again? Yes I will. Because I have tons of it cut out and ready to go! What should have been a weekend, ok a long weekend project turned into two months!
This is my finished sign.

There's Mine
I hope you like it. Until next time…




Glitter, Glue & Paint

Country Door Knockoff Sign – Part 1

I found this sign in my recent Country Door catalog.
original sign
I LOVED the message and I thought the sign was really cute. It wasn’t expensive at all (on sale for $19.79), but I thought it would be fun to re-create. Believe it or not I had never done a pallet project. I’m always late for the party. Why is that? My hubby works at Home Depot and I couldn’t get him to bring me a pallet. So, when I saw this sign, I priced out the wood and told him he could pay that price, or bring me a pallet for free. Guess what I got? It was a pretty good pallet – beat up, but not too beat up. It had two kinds of wood on it. A really dark oak and pine. I used both. First I made a frame out of a 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ piece of pine. I wanted the finished sign to be close to the original, but I tweaked it a bit. Their sign was 31 1/4″ x 11 3/4″. Weird. I made mine 31″ x 12″. I cut my 31″ pieces, then to make the 12″ I cut the side pieces 9″. 9″ + 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ = 12″ I cut my frame using my handy dandy miter saw.
I love power tools, and this is one of my favorites. It’s an important tool to have if you plan on doing any woodworking projects. My 2nd favorite tool has to be the kreg jig. It’s an amazing piece of equipment. This is how I assembled my frame.
Add a little glue and use your face clamp.
To find out more about the Kreg Jig click here. Viola` you end up with a frame. This is what you attach your pallet boards to.
Next I used my circular saw to cut the boards off the frame of the pallet. I didn’t need the entire length of the board, so it was easier to cut than it was to pry. Hubs helped here a little. I have short arms so I couldn’t reach the entire thing. Then what happens is I stand back and end up watching him finish cutting. I hate when I do that.
Once I got the boards cut off, I cleaned up one edge on the miter saw and then cut off the end with the nails to the length I needed.
I think I needed 9 boards. Once I got them all cut, it was time to attach them to the frame. The fun part.
Holy gobs of glue! I know, I know, a bit much on the glue? The bottle was almost empty, so everytime I shook it, gobs came out. Anyway, I lined them all up and then one at a time I glued and nailed.
Here it is all assembled. Next, I sanded it down – I did not get a picture of this, but I used my random orbital sander that I got for Christmas. I can’t believe it, I don’t even have pics of the sign after I sanded it. Man, I must have been hungry or something to have forgotten that. Anyway, my next step was to paint it. I used the same Behr paint that I used on my craft room cabinets. It’s got primer in the paint. The name is Popped Corn.
Have you ever used these triangle thingys? They are very handy for keeping your project up off your work table. I used to put paper down and then paint and of course my project would stick to the paper. These things used to be yellow and I can’t remember the brand name, but they are very inexpensive and very hand to have. I put two coats of paint on the sign because the yellow of the pine was showing through. Once it was dry, I sanded it down in spots and I went over the entire thing to take the shine off.
I think I’ll end Part 1 here. The next step is to figure out the fonts to use, get them to the correct size and use the freezer paper to transfer the text to my sign. I’ve never used freezer paper before, so I better go practice.


Well, I started that post on April 14th. Today it’s June 23rd and I’ve finally finished this project. This has been the longest project in the history of diy and blogging. Seriously. Things did not always go according to plan. I’ll touch on that in part 2 of this project. I’m just glad it’s done and I really like it. I think my next sign will be smaller and simpler and I need to find a way to do the lettering. I was not successful in 2 different processes before I finally figured out the final process. Jeesh.

Martha Stewart Nautical Bracelet

I recently got an email about a new line of Martha Stewart jewelry products that were exclusive to Michael’s.  I clicked over  to the plaid website and this is one of the products that was featured.
It was love at first sight! I mean really, who wouldn’t love this bracelet? What caught my eye immediately was the sea horse. I love the color of that charm. I had a shirt that I knew would match this exactly. I’m from New England so I love all things nautical. My second fav charm was the crab. Lots of bling. So, off to Michael’s I went, hubby in tow. As the cashier started ringing up the items, my heart started to sink. The total shocked the you know what out of me. I actually leaned over and asked the girl NOT to say my total out loud. LOL. Of course my husband walked up just as it totaled. I saw the blood drain from his face. I just grabbed my bag and ran. Now we all know Martha Stewart can be a little pricey. The nice thing about this line is that the charms came 1, 2, 3 or 4 to a card. Each card was $5.99. Then there was the chain, the jump rings, the clasp and all the beads and rhinestones. I could have used some of the supplies I had, but it called for braided jump rings and clasp, which we all know is very nautical.  The nice thing was that really you could make two bracelets with everything except the big charms. Anyway, here is my finished bracelet.
My version2
I didn’t have that awesome aqua background, but I think my bracelet turned out pretty nice. I love it. Oh about all those extra beads? I made a necklace and earrings. I used another clasp from my original purchase, but I did go buy a smaller link chain for the actual necklace. All the charms and beads are from my original purchase as well. I still have a lot of beads left.  Here they are.
Oh, by the way, my husband loved it so much he asked me to make one for his mother. We only needed the big charms. So, off to Michaels we went…

Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated in any way by Martha Stewart Crafts or Plaid Crafts.

New Addition to the family

I would like for you to meet Boone.  He is the newest addition to our family and will be joining his brother Dozer – the other spoiled Dal in our house.

Boone 7weeks

He’s 7 weeks old in this pic. How sweet is that face? He’ll be coming to us from WI, the first week of July. We are so excited. This is his brother Dozer.

He’s my senior baby. I rescued him back in 2003. I adore him. My husband adore’s him. Here’s a little history on my Dalmatian background. I started doing rescue back in 1997 I believe it was. I had a young Dalmatian that needed a playmate. It was the first time I turned to the internet to do a search. I searched for Dalmatian Rescue and found several. That’s when I got Dotti.
This was actually the day she went to the Rainbow Bridge. All my other pics are still on my desktop. She was a sweet heart. She was the boss of all the boys. Next, we got Canon.
Canon is the liver spotted Dal on the left. He’s at the Rainbow Bridge too. 🙁 This is one of my favorite pictures. Canon is actually related to my new puppy. His breeder ( the most responsible breeder you’ll ever meet) helped his owner re-home him when he got divorced. That’s how I got him. I did rescue and fostering for lots of Dals that I did not keep as well. I’m still in touch with most to this day. Once I got Dozer, I was so busy with my four that I took a break from rescue/fostering. Dozer has been a single doggy for a few years now. I have been thinking about a puppy for a long time. Specifically a liver spot puppy. My husband has never had a puppy. It’s going to be so much fun when he has to get up for the middle of the night pee pee breaks!! He he. I’m mean, I know. So, that’s it. Welcome Boone. I can’t wait to kiss you! Here’s a few more pics to awwwww over.
Boone 4.5 weeks
Boone 23 days old