Remember This?


Remember this beauty? I posted back on April 14th about my find at our local Habitat ReStore. Sorry it’s taken me so long to post about my progress with this piece, but I’ve been so busy, I haven’t done ANY diy stuff! I know, crazy right? Well, this is what I did with it this past weekend.

And now there are two!

My hubby and I cut it in half. You can tell that the shelves are not going to line up, that’s because the top section had 8 shelves and the others had 7. Oh well, that doesn’t really matter. So…that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I have to take all the little brass label holders off – and there are a lot of them. Once I do that, I will sand just a little and paint it. I’m going to paint it opposite of my craft room. The inside spaces will be painted white and the outside will be orange. Maybe I’ll paint that awesome paisley stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil. Stay tuned…